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Searching for a Corporate Merchandiser to dress up & promote your brand, product or event? Be it for Trade Marketing, Loyalty Rewards Program, Sales Promotion or just any Corporate Functions, we have the variety & product innovation to match your expectation. From Idea Conceptualization to Manufacturing and Fulfillment, we are here for you.

Apparel staff and customer feel proud to wear! Round neck and Polo tees in retail standard quality, sporty jackets and smart shirts; bringing you corporate wear with distinctive identity and enhanced corporate image.

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From Computer accessories to Travel products, fine Writing Instruments & Timepieces to quality Drinkwares & attractive Stationaries. Available too are Designer Electronics, Leather & Aluminium premiums!

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Latest innovation & design to give your brand & event a first mover advantage. Impress & differentiate with our latest & most desirable range of gifts & premiums.

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Need something in high quantity for trade shows, publicity and promotion giveaways at a reasonable budget? Here you will find attractive small gift ideas that serves to attract and pull crowd in more ways than one.

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Discover some exquisite handcrafted pieces which is attractively desirable both as a gift or as an award with logo inscription or printed on it.

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Allow us to know your needs and wants better. With knowledge of your requirement, we believe are able to service you more efficiently and effectively. It also enable us to keep you inform of new products and special promotion we specially created for you; all because we value you not just as a client but our corporate friends.

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What is your Marketing objectives? What do you want your corporate identity to say about your company, culture, product and positioning? By understanding your target market, pricing strategy and promotional mix; we bring you Graphic Designs which is -Marketing Driven.

ask-us@giftwhat.com.sg now for our design services.

There are more than we can show. To see more samples or if you have an idea of what you like to have, just ask-us@giftwhat.com.sg now!